The phenomenon of devotism

The phenomenon of devotism is a fairly common phenomenon in society. Devoti finds a person with apparently physical disabilities (amputation, paralysis, lameness, underdevelopment, etc.) more attractive than healthy. And the girls can be both men and women. And judging by the comments of psychiatrists, devotism is not a perversion or mental disorder. A man-devotee (male / female) is no different from ordinary people in his behavior and character, but deep down he has distinct sexual preferences in a person’s appearance. That is, something attractive in a person is attractive. In fact, a devot could be called a fetishist, it is. But only common forms of fetishism are usually expressed in finding attractive things or clothes on a person and this person along with them (in these things), and the devots specialize in physical features, and there are no specific preferences and no girls are classified. More at

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