Girl with prosthetic leg doing flips inspires millions

The 10 – year – old girl with a prosthetic leg inspires people around the world with her impressive gymnastic exercises. 10 – year – old Jamiyah Robinson , who has a prosthesis instead of one leg, recorded a video where she does several back flips in a row. The video touched many users, including mothers who have children with similar health problems. Gymnastic video of Jamiyah , which she has a prosthesis instead of one leg, received thousands of comments and 50 thousand likes on Facebook. Especially her video touched mothers who have children with artificial limbs. They write to a 10 – year – old acrobat that her self-confidence gives them strength, writes ABC. That gives them hope. Jamiyah was born with femoral insufficiency, a rare disease in which her left leg was almost half the length of the other. Initially, the baby generally lived without a full leg. When Jamiyah Robinson was 5 years old, she was ready, according to doctors, for prosthetic legs. For the past three years , Jamiyah has been involved in the Elite Forces of Destruction dance team , that showed the show Lifetime “Bring It!” . “ When I actually saw my daughter on the dance floor with other girls, it made me cry – because she kept up with life and lived in fearlessness ,” the girl’s father admitted. Other users were also touched by the achievements and courage of Jamiyah. She is an example of self-confidence and courage for all people. Performing gymnastic exercises with a prosthetic leg proves that nothing is impossible if you really want to do it.You can not be stopped if you see your goal , if you sincerely desire something. You just should believe in yourself and your power for doing something and then you can do anything. That little girl is a perfect example for this.

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