Chiara Bordi – gentle as a flower.

The model without leg has excited network with candid photos: she can call herself the beauty queen.

The one-legged Chiara Bordi model became one of winners of beauty contest in Italy. The girl strikes not only the beauty, but also fantastic desire to live.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Flavio Lo Scalzo/AGF/REX/Shutterstock (9885849d) Chiara Bordi, the first misswith a prosthetic leg, third classified Miss Italia beauty contest, Milan, Italy – 17 Sep 2018

Chiara Bordi, gentle as a flower, 18-year-old model — the girl with disability became one of finalists of beauty contest “Ms. Italy 2018”. The girl has taken the third place. For all history of existence of competition she became the first participant with disability.

Chiara Bordi poses with leg artificial limb which allows to wear even shoes on heels, to travel and is fondesof rock-climbing, rowing on canoe, windsurfing and rollers.

At 13-year age, Chiara was left without leg after was hit by the car, while she was riding a bike. Surgeons had to amputate foot and part of shin of the girl. Now she uses artificial limbs, including the models allowing to wear shoes on heels.

Chiara Bordi, from Tarquinii, managed to reach the final on prestigious beauty contest ‘Ms. Italy’. As soon as the girl became one of three pretenders to crown, she met has in social networks not only compliments, but also on various insults. Users of social networks have fallen upon Chiara with criticism and reproaches – like, for her voted only because “she is cripple”. However the girl with advantage answered haters: “Yes, I have no leg, but you have neither heart, nor brains”.

Besides, she has said that she has come to competition not for the sake of victory and to show that life can be fine even after the heavy and drama events. Fortunately, there were also those who have supported the girl in this difficult situation. Some Paralympic athletes and ordinary users of Network have advised Chiaranot to pay attention to silly comments and to continue to enjoy life. Chiara Bordi was defended by Italian politicians, actors and athletes. “If you count all the comments, then there will be more compliments than insults,” wrote Paralympic athlete Giusy Versace, who was elected to parliament from the Silvio Berlusconiparty “Forward, Italy”.

Now Chiara is really happy: she plays sports, drives on the abrupt bike and just enjoys life. You should not be afraid of the shortcomings. If you accept yourself it what you are, then and other people will communicate with you easily and easy. The world needs more people like Bordi, who by their own example prove to the whole world that there are no borders or limits to normal. She deserves respect!

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